Zero Emissions Hydrogen Trucks

Leveraging world-leading Fuel Cell Technology, HYZON Motors offers heavy duty hydrogen trucks at costs competitive with traditional diesel vehicles, partnering with green hydrogen producers.

  • Hydrogen Concrete Mixers, Street Sweepers, Garbage Trucks, Port Trucks
  • Based on DAF European Truck Chassis – Advanced Safety Levels
  • Adaptive Cruise, Lane Assist Predictive Braking (ADAS Level 2) offered on all vehicles
  • Advanced telemetry function on board to support fleet management (configurable with specific client)
  • 50T gross combination mass
  • 400 to 600 km driving range

Up to 50 tonne trucks featuring the world’s highest power density fuel cells*, with a driving range of 400km-600km per fill. Unrivalled performance and operational efficiency will be delivered, thanks to the most powerful automotive fuel cells in the world. Maximum power delivered via the electric motors is up to 500kW or a massive 670 horsepower.

Zero emission operations, the highest levels of safety through advanced driver assistance systems and state of the art telemetry make Hyzon Motors Heavy Duty Trucks the benchmark for the 21st Century.

Hyzon assembles fuel cell trucks in both USA and the Netherlands, serving global markets. Leveraging deep IP and vast commercial vehicle experience, Hyzon is the clear choice for zero-emission heavy vehicles.

Hydrogen fuel cell trucks offer superior operation compared to diesel powered trucks, with unparalleled torque and weight-carrying capabilities. When choosing zero emission trucks, operators should not be forced to compromise on payload or driving range, and only hydrogen can ensure that is the case.

When powered by green hydrogen, Hyzon trucks offer genuine zero carbon operations from end-to-end.

The Hyzon heavy truck platforms include prime mover/tractor-trailer configurations and heavy rigid truck platforms for maximum-load refuse trucks, large concrete trucks and other demanding operations.

*Based on third party tests and benchmarking studies by leading global consulting firms

Hyzon Hydrogen Road TrainHydrogen Road Train

Hyzon Hydrogen TrucksHyzon Hydrogen Trucks

Hyzon Hydrogen Trucks HYMAX-500

Hyzon Hydrogen Trucks HYMAX-500

Hyzon Garbage Trucks

Hyzon Garbage Truck

Hydrogen Truck Refuelling Depot


Hydrogen truck depot layout