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How do you make Hydrogen?

Take one part water (H2O), add it to electricity and put it through one of our alkaline hydrogen generators and out the other side comes 2 parts Hydrogen (H2) and one part Oxygen (O)

Our Hydrogen Generators

Take a look at our video of our Nitrogen PSA with hydrogen generator working together to purify the nitrogen to 99.9999% oxygen free nitrogen for laser cutting.

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Mercury alkaline hydrogen electrolysers represent a perfect solution for any industrial requirement. Thanks to ErreDue’s electrolytic technology, Mercury Hydrogen Generators produce pure hydrogen and oxygen in two separate streams, directly at desired pressure (5, 12 or 30 bar). In case of applications where a very high purity is needed (up to 99,9995%),

ErreDue is able to offer a wide range of purification systems, stand alone or integrated in the generator, to satisfy every need. Mercury Hydrogen Generators can be fed by renewable energy sources in order to be used as clean energy storage systems coupled with fuel cells.

Mercury hydrogen generators do not require checks or interventions but only minimal assistance. Designed to guarantee maximum reliability, they require very simple maintenance, which minimises the risk of malfunction. All generators are equipped with a highly advanced control that allows remote monitoring by our technicians, and eventually to repair them in real time, anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, in remote assistance with Internet connection.

Hydrogen Stack

Hydrogen Stack

Hydrogen has always been used in a wide range of industrial applications such as electronics, heat treatment, food etc. More recently, hydrogen has been used as a fuel in transport and in environmentally friendly heating systems and in very recent times as a carrier and storage of clean energy. The Mercury generators produce hydrogen and oxygen completely separated from each other by electrolytic dissociation of water molecules according to the chemical equation: 2H 2 O + ENERGY> 2H 2 + O 2

Hydrogen and oxygen are produced inside the electrolytic cell directly at the required pressure (up to 30 bar) and they are kept safely separated by special gas impermeable membranes. The two gases flow through two separate channels, to the condensate water separators where they are cooled and dehumidified, ready for use. Equipment for additional purification and drying of hydrogen and oxygen are also available.

The Mercury generators are specifically designed to meet a large number of
application requirements. The range includes simple and low flow units and also the larger “Expert” series – units which deliver larger gas flows, sufficient to even satisfy the requirements of nuclear power generation plants.

The powerful scalable solution to get a potentially infinite Hydrogen flow

Our generator systems are completely modular, so you can keep adding units on until you get the system size you require:
1 MW, 100 MW, 1 GB…the sky’s the limit!

Modular Hydrogen Generators

Modular Hydrogen Generators

What would a complete Hydrogen Generation unit look like and cost?

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Sirio PEM Hydrogen Generators

The new Sirio on-site hydrogen generator, thanks to the very high levels of purity guaranteed by the ErreDue’s PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) technology, perfectly meets the needs of those applications where a moderate amount of pure and compressed gas is required, such as metal heat treatment and Biomethane production processes.

Sirio is Plug & Play: thanks to its simplicity of use and its autonomy, it is sufficient to connect it to an electrical power source and fill the tank with water to immediately produce pure hydrogen at the necessary pressure and flow rate. In fact, it does not require any auxiliary system: the unit includes a generator, the water tank and a purification system for the produced gas.

The hydrogen flow rate starts from 0.5 m3/h up to 2 m3/h, it’s also possible to connect several systems in parallel. The maximum pressure generated reaches 15 bar in the standard models and is customisable up to 30 bar on request.

Sirio ErreDue hydrogen generators can be monitored and managed remotely thanks to the integrated connectivity and ErreDue’s remote assistance service.

Sirio Hydrogen Generator

Sirio PEM Hydrogen Generator