Zero Emissions Hydrogen Buses

We believe the best economical model starts with heavy transport – buses, trucks, etc –  in a back to base setting. Hydrogen vehicles are best suited to heavy loads and/or longer routes, where battery has limited reach and the compounding issue of batteries weight reduces pay load. Hydrogen buses are arriving soon at costs competitive with traditional diesel vehicles.

Battery Electric Vehicles will co-exist with Fuel Cell Electric vehicles, depending on the type of vehicle and the use-case; the heavier the vehicle, and the more hours of operation per day, the more likely that hydrogen will be the clear choice.

  • Zero Emissions – Only water comes from hydrogen power generation, no toxic gases
  • Strong Performance – Significant torque advantages for better acceleration and climbing
  • Passenger Comfort – Reduced noise and smooth power delivery

Full Route Flexibility – Far greater range than battery EV, eliminates the need to limit routes

Take a look at Hyzon Motor’s first hydrogen bus to arrive on Australian shores: