Zero Emissions Hydrogen Trucks

We believe the best economical model starts with heavy transport – buses, trucks, etc – in a back to base setting. Hydrogen vehicles are best suited to heavy loads and/or longer routes, where battery has limited reach and the compounding issue of batteries weight reduces pay load. Hydrogen trucks are arriving soon at costs competitive with traditional diesel vehicles.

  • Hydrogen Concrete Mixers, Street Sweepers, Garbage Trucks, Port Trucks
  • Adaptive Cruise, Lane Assist Predictive Braking (ADAS Level 2) offered on all vehicles
  • Advanced telemetry function on board to support fleet management (configurable with specific client)
  • 50T gross combination mass
  • 400 to 800 km driving range

Take a look at this video of Hyzon’s truck penetration in the European and Australian markets


Hydrogen Truck Refuelling Depot